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@2016-19 Adam Prescott Photography Ltd


We have followed Adam Prescott Photography for a few years and absolutely love the images of motorsports and our clients that have been photographed by him. We recently ordered for the first time two amazing prints of Clearwater Racing in particular our Liquid Colour Design Ambassador Matt Griffin. Adam really captures the sport, action and light on all his imagery through the eye of a lens and we just love the artworks he presents through his media channels.

We are hoping to purchase further works from him as the process is very easy and simple with the right level of care needed. I would like to thank Adam for his works and Im sure I will as well as any visiting clients enjoy these for many years ahead, thank you.

Iain Baldwin / Owner / Liquid Colour Design

I must say that the pictures Adam has taken are easily the best motorsport pictures I have seen in my 23 years involved in motorsport. I am not sure how, but he has the ability to really capture the emotion within the image and the results are simply outstanding.

Matt Griffin / Professional Racing Driver

You did a great job, but even in addition to that, you were a delight to work with.   I have a saying in racing, which is, “Life is too short to work with assholes.”   I can say that I would happily work with you and your team anytime.  

You put in the hard work.   You took great photos.   AND, you are a good guy to boot. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Ben Keating / Racing driver and owner